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Feng Shui : Power

Who : Predictions Internet Feng Shui Master  (Code: B9). Chinese Feng Shui Master, providing future destiny forecast, telling what goo adn bad you will encounter

Key Point: Fortune telling, a Chinese Famous Feng Shui Expert

Remark: Telling you the future trend in you life, not to believe all but good for reference.

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Feng Shui is a Chinese scientific study with thousands of years of background research behind it. One of the things that the ancient Chinese are so famous for is their diligent preservation of historic records in a written format. In fact Chinese history is one of the best documented of all ancient cultures.

A common question often asked by students is this: Do I need to study BaZi in order to practice Feng Shui? So, it was no surprise to me when a student posed this question to me over lunch the other day. 'The answer is simple really', I explained to the student. 'You can practice Feng Shui without studying BaZi but studying BaZi allows you to be truly effective in applying your knowledge of Feng Shui.' It is said that Destiny comes first, then Luck, then only Feng Shui. Not knowing your capabilities or potentials makes it harder to know what lies ahead for you. BaZi is similar to a diagnosis provided by a doctor. Feng Shui can be likened to the prescription to manage your Destiny. 'How will you know what prescription to use without getting a diagnosis first?', I put forth the question to him. 'In case you did not know, most acknowledged teachers and masters of Feng Shui are masters in BaZi as well. Why do you think that is?'