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Why the need to study our destiny? Help you plan your Feng Shui prescription for the long term. Help in making informed decisions - by understanding our cycle of good and bad fortune, we are able to undertake proper planning and execute the right decisions that bring us the best possible outcome. Maximize our potential - We can capitalize on good luck cycles for entrepreneurial ventures or investment decisions. We can reduce risk by being cautious and reducing our exposure during downward cycles Understanding Relationships, understanding others - People react and respond differently to different people in different time periods. By understanding the cosmic relation between yourself and your family or partner, you can foster better communication and improve relationships Choosing the right career - Knowing which type of career or industry is suitable for you could be a very important step in your life. Why not choose a career where you can perform at your peak, where you'd enjoy your work and where you can excel? People Around You - BaZi allows us to understand the influence of people around you in your family or at work. Undoubtedly, we are very much influenced by our group of friends and family. Who is helpful and who is unknowingly impeding your progress? BaZi is a not just a complementary science to Feng Shui, they both are equally important in the field of 'Chinese Metaphysics'. They compliment each other both in terms of theoretical understanding of formulas as well as in application.