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Who :Five Elements, Feng Shui Master (Code: A4). Five Elements are : Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth, These are Chinese believe that the world was build by these 5 element and human's destiny also determined by interaction among them 


Key Point: Chinese Fortune telling service using the  interaction of the Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth)

Remark: Prediction for your future life, not to believe every but take for reference is good for your future plan.

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Many people beat themselves up and get depressed when they don't have too. It may be they are tapping into bad energies that give them bad luck, not them. They just don't know about it. With the knowledge of how these energies work, people can find solutions where before there could see none.

If the attorneys had simply obtained BaZi readings before forming the partnership, their problems would have been easily predicted. The root of their eventual power struggle would have become clear because the Ba-Zi readings would have indicated that both partners were prone to be inflexible and rigid on decisions affecting money. They would have learned that each of them needed to be in control of management. By anticipating the very power struggle that developed, the partners could have drafted a better partnership agreement, or realized that they would simply not be compatible as business colleagues on decisions affecting firm management. Ba-Zi would have revealed that both attorneys were intelligent and logical, and therefore well suited to the area of law. However, the readings would have also uncovered that both attorneys were stubborn and power-driven which would likely result in a battle for control within their own business. Although they worked well together in the firm under the same leadership Bazi, they would not be good business partners.