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Who : Oriental Psychic,  Online fortune Teller (Code: C8).Traditional wise of orient, tell you future distinguish good & bad in your future for you to prepare your solution

Key Point: Oriental Psychic,  Online fortune Teller , take the advice from the the master, they can help you definitely

Remark: Chinese people who were suspicious of her ability at first simply because she is a foreigner. However, almost all of them got rid of the bias later on and became her clients.

"My mother is just once case in point," said Wang Dong.

Wang and his family members come from South of China where feng shui is very trendy and popular and Wang's mother has accumulated a wide knowledge about it.

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If it was there, they checked with the occupants to see if their life was exhibiting a certain trend. Whilst there are huge volumes written in Chinese, as big as the Encyclopaedia Britannica, very little of this information is available in English. But that doesnˇ¦t mean that thousands of years of documented research doesnˇ¦t exist! It does, and as more quality information becomes available in English people are become far more aware of the scientific basis of Feng Shui.

BaZi placed an advertisement in the local paper and the resumes started flooding his office. BaZi narrowed the field to 20 applicants based on education and experience. He then invited the remaining applicants for a 15-minute interview. After conducting the interviews, he was able to narrow the field down to three candidates. All the candidates seemed to have equivalent credentials and experience in graphic-design. In fact, Ba-Zi revealed that each applicant was indeed both creative and passionate, and would be well suited for the graphic-design position. However, Ba-Zi also revealed that applicant #1 was more money-driven, and also suited to a leadership role. Since Frederick did not see much room for large financial gains and promotions in his small business, this employee would likely quit for a more lucrative position or become an entrepreneur. The Ba-Zi readings showed that applicant #2 would most likely be a suitable employee who had no problems with a static position, as long as he was using his creativity. However, the applicant was not best suited for bringing in new accounts and maintaining strong relationships with his clients. He was more of the shy, humble type who preferred to stay in the shadows. Finally, the readings revealed that applicant #3 would be the ideal applicant because he was creative and social, worked well under pressure and was most motivated by a challenging, artistic career rather than lucrative gains. Fortunately, Ba-Zi enabled Frederick to gain a more complete understanding of each candidate's character and personality before making the wrong decision. By using Ba-Zi readings, employers and business owners can decrease the time it takes to select quality employees and increase the likelihood that the new employees will be the best for the job.