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Feng Shui-Love

Feng Shui : Luck

Who : Yi Jing(I Ching) e-Fortune-Telling (Code: A9). Yi Jing(I Ching) is the most long history fortune telling in Chinese or even the world. It is still useful today

Key Point: Prediction service base on the oldest astrology - Yi Jing(I Ching)

Remark: Anticipate your future, well plan for future and prevent mistake.

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And on top of that weˇ¦re supposed to be happy, beautiful and healthy? If the modern world is so different from the world in which Feng Shui was created, can it help you today?

Take the example of attorneys Joe and Susan BaZi. After spending more than four years together BaZi as young associates at the same law firm, the two decided to venture out on their own and form a partnership that specialized in civil law - an area where they both had vast experience. At first, it seemed like the perfect match. In the four years they knew each other, they had worked on several cases together and been very successful. Susan was an expert in personal injury litigation and Joe was an expert at medical malpractice. Their friendship was strong and seemingly unbreakable, and neither of them had any doubt that they would succeed. But, by the end of the first year together their business had virtually failed. Minor disputes over business decisions grew into a terrible struggle for management control that resulted in both friends filing lawsuits against each other. The resulting legal fees and toll on their firm drove the business into a downward spiral that ended with a bitter settlement and loss of their friendship.
Feng Shui is based on the Chinese philosophies of Yin and Yang, the negative and positive electromagnetic forces, the Five Elements and the Trigrams (Gua).